Friday, May 30, 2014

More May

Everything is progressing. Doors and windows are installed in the parlor. The equipment contractor is hard at work. The electrical is being done and the rock work on the front of the parlor is being installed. Footings are being poured on the upper freestall and the heifer shades will soon be started. The "bedding master" is operating so the compost building is being utilized.

Rock work on the front of the in progress.

Kelly and Todd discussing rockwork.

Oceanview side of the parlor...concrete poured and doors and windows installed.

Upstairs office.

Milk tanks installed.

Inside front of parlor.

Water troughs.

Upstairs in the parlor...viewing windows into milking area.

Oceanview windows in the office.

Milk tanks.

Sort pen.

Epoxy floor in the breakroom/utilityroom.

Inside milker's pit looking towards the back of the milking parlor.

Epoxy surface in milking area.

Sort pen from other end.

Installed water troughs.

Footings on upper freestall.

Upper freestall footings.

Ready to start on the heifer shades.

Newborn calf.

Bedding in the compost building.

Compost building.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mid May - Big Island Dairy

Construction progresses as fair weather continues. The equipment people are here, milk tank being placed, 2nd freestall started, composter in operation and the office progressing.

Stairs leading up to the office.

Inside the front of the parlor, office construction in progress.

View out the windows in the office overlooking the interior of the milking area.

Office framing.

Looking out the office windows towards the freestall building.

Office window view.

Heifer shade area.

Composter shortly before operation began.