Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mid December in Hawaii

More concrete.....drain boxes, cross alleys, feed lanes and commodity shed.
More dirt work....roads, rock crushing, and prep for the heifer shades.
For the most part the weather was fair until later in December.

Pouring the floor on the commodity shed.

Freestall apron

Laying the liner underneath the gravel on the new road
from the free stall and parlor to the existing dairy.

First freestall.

Starting the cross overs.

Sawing the floor of the commodity shed.

Freestall apron.

Cleaning out one of the drain boxes.

Basement of the parlor.

Basement of the parlor.

Area where the heifer shades will be.

Making gravel.

Completed road.

Completed cross over.

Transfer lane from parlor level to lower freestall.

Transfer lane to upper freestall.