Friday, April 25, 2014

Hawaii in April

The pictures in this post were taken during the first two weeks of April. We were still having a lot of rainfall during this time. By the end of the month the weather was looking up and we were actually seeing dust again.
Compost building with Bedding Master in place.

The uphill side and back end of the milking parlor.

Front of parlor, laying gravel in preparation of pouring concrete.

Inside the front of the milking parlor.

Downhill side, or oceanview side of the milking parlor.

Milking parlor on the right, freestall on the left.

Inside the milking parlor, looking towards the front door.

Kelly and Kyle figuring out the fill and slopes for milk truck loading bay in the front of the parlor.

The roof is on the compost building.

The parlor....looking good!!

Transfer lane from the lower freestall to the parlor.

Rear of the milking parlor.

Milker's pit.

Rain squall over the ocean.