Monday, March 31, 2014

March Comes to a Close on the Big Island

Construction is progressing in spite of the rain. March was definitely a very rainy month, hopefully the wettest months are behind us. The erection of the steel buildings is flying along and a lot of the concrete flat work and feed curbs have been poured.
Another rainy day....heifer shade area, laying down the fabric and gravel.

Work goes on in spite of the rain.

Preparing to pour the approach apron on a beautiful day...fortunately, when the rain stops, the ground dries out quickly.

Crushed rock piles...awaiting placement.

View from the east, looking at the back end of the parlor.

Roof on parlor nearly complete.

Finishing to roof of the parlor.

Lock-ups installed in lower free stall.

Approach apron being poured.

Friday, March 14, 2014

March - Big Island Dairy

The weather has improved a bit...still rain, but lighter and shorter in duration. When it isn't raining everything dries out fairly quickly. The steel buildings are going up and things are changing rapidly.

Front of the parlor.

Makai (towards the sea) side of the parlor.

Back side of the parlor.

Getting ready to set another beam in place.

Back of the parlor.

Loops and lockups.

The commodity barn, completed and in use.

Anxiously awaiting their new accommodations.

Location of first heifer shade.

Looking uphill from first shade location to where the others will be.

Gravel piles from rock crusher.

The Bedding Master from Daritech arrives.
It was a very TIGHT fit.

Compost building on the right preparing footings for the Bedding Master on the left.

Processing pit on the right (full of rain water), then compost building and footings for the Bedding Master.

You can just see the far edge of the lagoon around the hill.

Quite a piece of equipment.

Inside the Bedding Master.

It was hard to believe that it came out of that container.

Working on the lagoon.