Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mid September

Construction is progressing, materials are arriving, and the weather is holding. This is going to be an amazing dairy. Terraced up the hill with a fantastic view of the ocean, they should have very happy cows.

Kelly seeding about 3 acres of grass on the slope below the first free stall, to prevent erosion.

Herdsman driving cows down the hill towards the existing parlor.

We caught a glimpse of nature's beauty in this "rainbow spot" in the clouds.

Preparing parlor footings.

Load of pipe.

Pouring footings for the lower free stall.

Concrete crew.

"Footprint" of the lower free stall.

Dirt leveled and compacted for upper free stall.

Working on the upper free stall pad.

Chief Steel building

Loading dock with materials.

Gravel base for parlor basement footings.

Looking down on parlor footings and then further to lower free stall footings.

Gomaco paving machine, some equipment and materials.

Materials, lower free stall footings and a great ocean view.

Wire mesh for concrete pours.

Standing on the edge of the lower free stall looking down on the manure pit.

Friday, September 13, 2013

September Begins

September began with beautiful weather and the completion of the manure pit. Footings are being poured for the free stalls and the parlor.
Stripping the forms from the manure pit walls.

Inside the pit.

Loading dock poured and ready for materials being shipped.

Rebar, bent and tied, for reinforcement in the free stall and parlor footings.

Cutting rebar.

View from the new dairy site towards the manure pit.

Corner of the loading dock looking towards the upper free stall site.

Working and shaping the slope above the upper free stall.

Load of gravel delivered for the footings.

Footings in the first stage.

Digging the footings with framework standing by.


Completed footing form with pier support.

Beginning stages of footing with fabric placed and gravel on top.

Fabric placement in footing.