Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Comes to a Close

As the month of October comes to a close, construction is speeding up and things are taking shape. The rock crusher is set up and crushing rock, the paving crew is here and ready to roll, the commodity shed is being formed and poured, and pipe is being laid.
Footings formed for the commodity you can see it isn't always sunny on the job.

Proof of our liquid sunshine.

Forming the hay push wall.

Starting the walls of the commodity shed.



Top of the lagoon bank.

Rock base of the dyke.

Center drain in the free stall.

Parlor basement

Free stall drain box.

Rock crusher in action.

October at Maple Grove Dairy in Washington

Our project in Washington is for Bosma's Maple Grove Dairy. We are adding a lagoon and settling cells for their manure handling system.
Lagoon with HDPE liner.

Concrete pour in the bottom of the settling cell.

October in Utah

Things are progressing well in Newcastle, Utah.  We have been pouring concrete as fast as we can to beat the cold weather.  The steel building from Chief Industries has arrived and erection has begun.
Standing the tilt walls on the new parlor.

Setting tilt up walls in the carousel area. 

Preparing to install hydronic heat in the carousel floor.

Equipment room floor ready to be poured.

Concrete pier footings for the parlor.

Looking towards the existing parlor at the transfer lane.

Concrete flour poured in the equipment room.

Equipment room.

Pouring the floor of the carousel. 

Looking down the holding pen from the carousel area.

Chemical room.

Milk room.

Beginning to pour the holding pen.

Installing sort pen fences.

Preparing the foot bath area.

Sort pen.

Flush valves on the left, carousel to be installed on the right.

Chief steel building.